Friday, September 27, 2013

Love Fall!!

Hey everyone,

I feel so refreshed after a little time away from the blog and I am coming back super excited that Fall fashion is right around the corner!!  I love living in the mid-west and getting to feel all 4 seasons!  It is so exciting when you start to feel the temperature dropping in the evening and noticing that it isn't reaching 90 degrees anymore during the day!  As much as I HATE Winter....I LOVE Fall!!!

I am so excited this year because I fell like the Fall trends are a little more edgy this year!  I love the look of all the moto jackets paired with floral dresses, or maxi dresses.  Probably my favorite trend right now is the camo trend.  I am not talking about looking like you are going hunting, but a little bit here and there is so fun.  I am loving all the colors for Fall this year too!

With Fall quickly approaching we are adding some new arrivals to the store as well!  I am sure you have all heard of the PIKO TOP CRAZE going on right now, well I am getting some for the store!  I am so excited about these tops and how amazingly soft they are!!!  I have also added a new line by Mikarose, they have beautiful vintage inspired clothing.

paired with

Soon to be arriving Piko Tops!!

We are so happy to say we are growing very steadily as a small boutique and I could never do that without the love and support from all of you!  We reached a huge milestone today on our Facebook page and surpassed the 1,000 mile marker!!  We are quickly growing on Twitter and Instagram as well!

Thank you all so much,

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