Tuesday, December 24, 2013

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snow Fun!!!

Hello Everyone,

As I am not a huge fan of cold weather, I do love looking at the snow and the magic it brings to Christmas!  This past weekend we traveled up north to my in-laws house for Thanksgiving and were greeted with about 5 inches of snow.  The girls were so excited and couldn't wait to get out in it!!

my little snow bunnies!

They had so much fun sledding, getting pulled through the woods on the sleds, having snow ball fights with their Papaw and making snow angels!  I even managed to get out in it and do some sledding as well!

Fin and her Papaw making angels

Grandma and Papaw pulling the princesses!

My little fearless Pippa with her hands up while sledding.

Fin getting ready to nail the camera lady (me) with a snowball

she would have sled all day long!!

They got right into the Christmas spirit the next day helping their Grandma decorate her house for Christmas.  Fin was very into decorating the tree while Pippa was just in to EVERYTHING!!

she put on her Grandma's apron to make cookies

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Short Week!

I LOVE Thanksgiving and eating all the food, but even more I love that my husband has a short week at work and we get to travel and see family.

My mom and I had our little Thanksgiving this past weekend and I will be having left overs for days!  We only have about 5 of us for that one but we cook like there is 20 people coming!  I love spending that time with my mom in the kitchen and creating memories though.

cooking with my momma

Fin thinking she is drinking an "adult drink"

We will be heading up to South Bend this Wednesday for my husbands family and will get to eat much more!  It is so interesting the different traditions within each family.  Even when it comes to food...when I met my husband I had never had a stuffing that had sausage and apples in it, and he had only ever eaten stuffing with that!

Any who.....with all this food I am about to be eating I thought it would be a good idea to get some over sized sweaters for the store!  So coming in this week we have some longer tunics, over sized sweaters, and also some Holiday dresses!!

New arrivals coming this week!!

I hope you all have a great week and be safe!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Love this time of year!!

So I am seriously obsessed with this time of year!! I seriously think my hidden 5 year old comes out and get so excited when I see the first Christmas decorations go up, thinking about all the food and desserts that I will be consuming, and most importantly getting to see all the family!!

I know most people as they get older look at the Holidays as a stress, or time to spend way to much money, but I LOVE giving gifts and I LOVE watching my children get excited!!

This year is my first year with a school aged child, and I got an email from Finley's teacher saying she needed a room mother to "help" with the Thanksgiving party in her class. So being as naive as I am I thought it would be really fun to go and meet all her friends and see what she does in her class.  Boy was I wrong......as some of you who know me know I am the least crafty person on this planet so you can imagine my surprise when I get an email from another mother in the class saying she was given my email address to see if I needed any help planning the crafts for the party!! Umm...say what??!!???

I seriously don't know how I get myself into these situations, but I jumped on Pinterest and searched all weekend on cute pre-school turkey crafts! I think I went overboard in getting goody bags, coloring  crafts, Indian headband crafts, and a turkey craft....but I didn't want to look stupid in front of all the other parents!!

Any who...the party is Friday so wish me luck, and hopefully my love for the season will show and it will be a success!!


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Couple Days Late.... OOPS

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all had an awesome Halloween and your kids got you a ton of candy!!  I know mine did!!  Any who, we actually didn't get to go trick or treating until November 1st because we had really bad weather here in central Indy so the city postponed it for all the kids!  My girls had such a good time and even my little Pippa finally got the hang of it this year!

It is so fun to re-live your childhood through your children!  I really think it is more fun watching your kids to what you use to do than when I use to do them!

I hope you all had as much fun as I did and I am so excited for my favorite time of the year to be coming up!!

We also have many new arrivals up in the store so don't forget to hop over to the store and do some shopping!!!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hump Day!!

I am so excited we are already half way through this week!  I have had such a busy week so far and the fact that I have not been feeling good makes it even worse!

Today is the first day where I finally feel like myself again and we are adding new fun things to the store!  So double the fun!!

Some of the looks below are from our new line called Mikarose.  They are a great brand that I am so excited about carrying and their pieces are to DIE FOR!!!  If you have not bought any of their pieces I encourage you to do so becuase they will change your life...well maybe not your life, but at least your confidence for the day!

I hope you all have a great rest of the week and a great weekend!!  Also please stop by our store for some new arrivals!  


Friday, September 27, 2013

Love Fall!!

Hey everyone,

I feel so refreshed after a little time away from the blog and I am coming back super excited that Fall fashion is right around the corner!!  I love living in the mid-west and getting to feel all 4 seasons!  It is so exciting when you start to feel the temperature dropping in the evening and noticing that it isn't reaching 90 degrees anymore during the day!  As much as I HATE Winter....I LOVE Fall!!!

I am so excited this year because I fell like the Fall trends are a little more edgy this year!  I love the look of all the moto jackets paired with floral dresses, or maxi dresses.  Probably my favorite trend right now is the camo trend.  I am not talking about looking like you are going hunting, but a little bit here and there is so fun.  I am loving all the colors for Fall this year too!

With Fall quickly approaching we are adding some new arrivals to the store as well!  I am sure you have all heard of the PIKO TOP CRAZE going on right now, well I am getting some for the store!  I am so excited about these tops and how amazingly soft they are!!!  I have also added a new line by Mikarose, they have beautiful vintage inspired clothing.

paired with

Soon to be arriving Piko Tops!!

We are so happy to say we are growing very steadily as a small boutique and I could never do that without the love and support from all of you!  We reached a huge milestone today on our Facebook page and surpassed the 1,000 mile marker!!  We are quickly growing on Twitter and Instagram as well!

Thank you all so much,

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Celebration!

I am so thankful to you all whether you follow this blog or one of our social media sites for all your kind words and prayers through a very difficult time.  My amazing grandmother went to meet our Heavenly Father on September 7, 2013.  As much as I miss her I am so happy that she no longer will be in pain and can now dance all she wants!

As I said in the title this post is about celebrating the 93 years she lived on this earth and more importantly the almost 30 years I got with her (she died 2 days before my 30th birthday).  As I could write a book on how amazing this woman was and how much I loved her, I decided to do more of a 10 things I love and remember about her!  She was an incredible artist, but her talent was only a little part of who she was.  She was incredibly strong, happy, loving, caring, soulful, faithful, loyal, and charismatic.  So here are the best 10 things about my Grandma Helen

1.  She could light up any room with her presence and laughter

2.  Her hands that she hated so much created the most beautiful things I have ever seen

3.  She had so much tenacity and fight in her

4.  She supported any idea or journey I wanted to go on (she was so excited when I opened our store, and thought it was so cool even if she didn't understand how you could shop online)  :)

5.  She was an avid Hoosier fan, but loved her some Peyton Manning

6.  She had 10 grandchildren that she loved more than anything.  I am lucky enough to be her #10

7.  Her and I share the same middle name "Dreatha"

8.  She hated all 5 of my tattoos until I got one in honor of her and she thought it was the most           beautiful thing she had ever seen!!  It is her handwriting on my arm.

9.  Every time I spent the night with her (my grandpa died when I was 3, so I was with her often) we would watch Golden Girls, stay up late, and eat Planters Cheese Curls (the ones in the can)!

10. I truly believe we are kindred spirits and after her death and reading her journal I am learning how much more alike we were than I thought!!

I could honestly go on and on about the woman that meant so much to me but I wont.  I am still trying to deal with the thought that I will no longer be able to hold her hand, or see her beautiful blue eyes.  I still catch myself when I think that I need to head to the nursing home for a few hours, or if the girls color something and catching myself before I tell them to save it and show GG.  She was such a huge part of mine and my girls lives that it seems surreal that she is no longer here. 

As we continue to go about our lives and running our store we will always know that she is looking down on us and guiding us in her own way.  I know that she is up there painting the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen, and I know that she is once again united with her beloved husband and loved ones that went before her.  I am comforted to know that I will see her again one day and I can't imagine what that reunion will feel like!


In Memory of Helen Dreatha Whetstone 1/15/1920 - 9/7/2013


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Need a break...

Hello everyone,

I am so sorry I have not posted anything for a while.  If you follow some of our social media outlets then you know that I am dealing with the approaching loss of someone very dear to me.  My grandmother who is 93 will be leaving this earth shortly and rejoining our Heavenly Father, her husband, two of her kids, and many other loved ones in heaven.  I am so sad to not be able to hear her voice anymore, or call my kids sweethearts, but I know she will be so much better where she is going.

I love her so dearly and this will be a huge loss to our family.  As we deal with this in the coming weeks I will be MIA for a while as I grieve the loss of a beautiful and amazing woman.  I will also celebrate all that she has taught me and my children and everything she has given me.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's Not All Glamour!!

So as you know I have two crazy little girls that run my life for me and I just pretty much sit back and have a say every once in a while!  What you don't know is that I keep a journal for both of my girls, and reading back on some of the entries I noticed just how many times my kids have completley embarassed me!!  So I thought I would share these humilating stories every Friday just so you all can see that my life is not as glamorous and fashionable as my pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter make it seem!

Most of my stories are about my oldest daughter Finley and that is mainly becuase Pippa just does and says whatever the ring leader  Finley does!!

My first and most horrific stories are when I take the girls into a public bathroom!!  You never really think about the mind of a 3-4 year old until you are in this situation!  My girls (especially Finley) are very much like their mother in that they have no filter when it comes to saying what they want or think!  With that said you can imagine where this is going.....as I have so many bathroom stories this one I will keep to when your child has to go #2!!

First of all I don't understand why public bathrooms have to echo!!!  I mean with a high pitched voice like my kid has...she can be heard for miles!  So when she has to poop while we are out I start sweating.  I always try and tell her that what we do in the bathroom is just for us to know and not everyone wants to know what is going on in the stall next to them, but it goes in one ear and out the other.  She imediatley announces that she has to poop and that "this might take a while" that is said as loud as she can muster!!  As I calmly tell her not so loud she starts grunting......yep....welcome to my life!  If that is not horrible enough she will give you a play by play of what is about to happen.  DISCLAIMER: If you have no sense of humor or kid friendly I would stop reading now!!!!!  So as we have been in there sometime I calmly ask her if she is finished.  As I was hoping for a simple yes or no what I got left me wanting to run and never return to this restaurant!!  She proceeds to tell me how it takes a while because she got the mommy out, but it takes a while to get the daddy one out.  As I start laughing (because lets face it, what else are you going to do) she tells me that she doesn't understand why the daddy never wants to come out easily and that she needs to push just a little bit harder!  I am completley humiliated but am comforted to know the lady in the stall next to us is having a really fun time listening to my little girl!

After about 20 minutes (but seemed like an hour) she finally announces that she is done.  As we are washing our hands and leaving the bathroom she calmly looks at me (with many others in the bathroom) and says "whew, that was a rough one mommy!!!"

I love being a mom, and these stories I will cherish forever!  I can't wait till she is older and I can tell these stories at her wedding and return the humiliation!!

Let me know some of your horror stories so that I know I am not the only mom out there that deals with this!!  Next Friday I will be discussing some more horror stories as there are many each day of my life!!

God Bless,
showing off some sass!

she is my whole world

Tru Diva!!  Phone, purse, glasses

wearing one of my vintage scarves!

reading while going!!!

so much sass in one little body

loves those boots

she decided to do her own makeup

Acting crazy

working it in mommies shoes

crazy girls


she has her own fashion sense

Love ,