Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Letting Loose

I just returned from my cousins' wedding  in Tampa, Florida. It was a family affair, for the first time in 15 years myself and my 3 siblings would all be in the Sunshine State at the same time. Due to crazy work schedules and flights it ended up being a spouse/kid free weekend for myself and older brother and sister. Yes you read that right a full weekend without soccer practices, singing lessons, timeouts and house work. Don't get me wrong, did we miss our kids and significant others, yes, but we liked a mini vacation more!!

The wedding was beautiful with the bride in an off white gown covered in shimmering beads and delicate lace. The wedding took place on a cruse ship, in one of the grand hall performance theaters, it was elegant. But after the "I do's", wedding cake and bouquet toss it was time for all non sailing passengers to exit the boat, which meant it was time to let loose. My siblings and I booked out flights out of Florida for Sunday, so we had all Saturday night to enjoy being with each other, laugh, make memories, and just have fun!

But what do 3 adults over the age of 30, who are married, with kids back home and a 25 year old living the dream in LA do for fun in Tampa? The girls get dressed up, the guys make fun of us for taking to long then we head out for night on the town! We had dinner, watched college football, saw a live band (that wasn't good but made us laugh anyway), consumed some adult beverage and danced. We didn't care that the 20 year old college students didn't get our "moves" or that we liked the older hip hop they played verses the teenybopper  tunes they played every 3rd song. We let our hair down, had fun and let loose. It was a great time where our responsibilities were to be safe, create memories and enjoy every second we had with each other.

I had a blast in Tampa. I had a few days where I was only responsible for myself. I was able to relax in the sun, work on my tan, spend time with out of town family and above all let loose. Now I'm back to my reality of tripping over hot wheel cars, cleaning the house and blogging. I enjoyed my weekend away, I truly feel everyone needs those. A weekend (or longer) away from the normal routine does a body good. So look at the calendar, pick a weekend and plan to just let loose. Let us know where your favorite place is to let loose? What do you do to let loose when you can't get away for vacations? What is your dream vacation?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Favorite Fashion Era

As much as I love all things vintage, I definitely have my favorite era.  I love the fashion and freedom of the 1970’s!  Women were so carefree and strong in the 70’s.  I love how women finally started breaking away from what society said they should wear and start wearing what showed off their personalities.  
Some of my favorite staples from the 1970’s are the bell bottom trouser, maxi skirts, ethnic print, and platform shoes!  I am a huge sucker for anything with a bell bottom.  I think it is a great way for women with a little hip to really show off their curves!  Whether it is polyester, denim, or dress pant I am in love!  The maxi skirt would be my next favorite pick from the 70’s!  I don’t know what I would do without my maxi dresses and skirts.  Maxi dresses are a must have for every woman; with their feminine bottom, and curve friendly silhouettes!  I love that they look great with flats or an awesome wedge, the possibilities are endless!  Another favorite from the 1970’s is the design of ethnic prints.  I love how designers started bringing in influences from all over the world and incorporating it into fashion.  From tribal print, to Macramé bags and bikinis from the Greek Isles and crochet waistcoats and shawls from Spain were all high fashion. My final pick from the 1970’s would be the shoes.  I love platform shoes, and for me the higher the better! 
These are just a few staples from the 70’s that I love, there are of course many more as the 70’s were huge for women’s fashion!  You will see quite a few pieces from 1970 in our store PipLey Vintage as this is my favorite era. Here are a few options from our store:
                                                      Our vintage 1970 long maxi skirt

                                              Our Vintage Inspired Bohemian Love Maxi Dress

                                       Our vintage 1970 pleated skirt

Let me know what your favorite era is and why!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Allie's Bubble: PipLey Vintage

Allie's Bubble: PipLey Vintage: Good morning everyone! I'm excited to introduce you to PipLey Vintage , a new online boutique filled with women's vintage and vintage insp...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Thrifty Thursday!

PipLey Vintage (@pipleyvintage) has shared a Tweet with you: "pipleyvintage: Starting this Thursday we will be launching our "Thrifty Thursday" one item every Thursday will be up to 50% off for the entire day!" --http://twitter.com/pipleyvintage/status/247500324594667520

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fashion off the field

Carole just posted about the beginning of football season, so let me tell you what I'm learning about football in the South! I'm an Indiana girl born and raised, so with out saying I'm a huge Colts fan. I love the atmosphere created by the entire city of Indianapolis as we cheer on our boys in blue and how schools will raise money by having "Blue Spirit Days" during the NFL season. I know, love and respect the NFL. So when my husband took a job in Alabama I had no idea my world of "football" was about to get rocked

In Alabama there is no professional football team or any professional sports team for that matter. So when my husband and I moved here a month ago we were instantly greeted with "Welcome to Alabama, so what's your team: Alabama or Auburn?" This is not an exaggeration or joke, they are serious. And it's not just a simple "I guess I like..." or "I think I'll cheer for.." They aren't asking that for small chat they seriously want to know what team you will pledge your allegiance too. Down here's it's not a football game it's a life style. 

When you select your team or are raised to love one team (and the thought of cheering on the other may just get you kicked out of the family). You not only learn the players and watch the game on Saturday, you make it your life. The boutiques down here are adorable as they are well stocked with the trendiest styles (I will start working on encouraging them to carry more vintage inspired pieces or just refer them to PipLey Vintage), they too are divided. They have two distinct sections the Alabama side and Auburn side. 

The Alabama side is adorned with Crimson and Houndstooth. The clothing is not just t shirts and jerseys but dresses that are very fashionable and trendy that are worn to viewing parties and even tailgating. You see "Roll Tide" printed on scarves, shiny elephant necklaces and no Alabama fan leaves home with out their Houndstooth fedora. 

The Auburn side is packed with orange and navy blue. Though the mascot is a Tiger the beer koozies and t shirts all say "War Eagle". The dresses are have both colors so others know it's not a random navy blue dress you pulled out of closet but a dress that says to the world "I'm an Auburn fan" without any doubt in your mind. 

So easy to say my sports world has been rocked, as no one in my new little town knows anything about the Colts. They don't get why I like my bright blue and white, love number 18 (miss you Peyton Manning) and why I rush home to watch football on a Sunday afternoon. So while I continue to educate myself on football in the south, I will sit back and enjoy the divided boutiques with a strong but adorable fashion sense. I have not decided whether I will yell "Roll Tide" or "War Eagle" while I carefully steer clear of letting my fashion decide my allegiance. For the time being I will just say "GO COLTS"!

Are sports big in your house hold? Were you raised a die hard fan? Do you pick your favorite team based on mascots and team colors? Or are sports just a way for you to get a little time to yourself while the hubby is watching his team play?

Proof that woman in the South take both their football and their fashion very serious!
 Picture from GiGi's Boutique in Trussville, Alabama

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Football!

I am sure all of you ladies know what it is like on football Saturday!  You don't get the remote control for the whole day, and you better have some finger food snacks on hand!  In my house my husband does not get a say in TV shows until Saturday and Sunday!  Lets be honest, with three girls in the house, he doesn't really get much of a say in anything! So we feel like we owe it to him to at least get one day of sanity in our house (Go Hoosiers)! 
The one thing I love about football season is the weather and the food!  Who doesn’t love a tailgate?  So today I am adding a couple of great tailgating recipes that are a no fail!  I love making easy go to recipes that won't leave you wondering if anyone will eat it!
Recipe #1- Jalapeno Popper Dip
Love this dip for a tailgate, or just a game day cookout. 

Recipe #2- Ham and Cheese Sliders
This recipe is super easy and yummy!  They are so addicting and very difficult to just eat one!!
Hopefully these will make the next 5 months of football more enjoyable for everyone!  Leave a comment and let me know how the recipes turned out!!
Don't forget to check out www.pipleyvintage.com for amazing vintage and vintage inspired clothes!!


Friday, September 14, 2012

My Very First Post!!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to PipLey Vintage's blog!  We will be doing posts about anything and everything!  I am a stay at home mom who runs PipLey Vintage when I am not chasing my girls around.  I love my family, baking, vintage, thrifting, fashion, shoes, and God!!  This blog will be about food, motherhood, fashion, vintage, family, and anything else that is on my mind!  This will be another way to connect with all my PipLey lovers out there!  I would love to hear from everyone, and hear what you would like to see or hear. 

We have some new fun things coming up with PipLey Vintage and can't wait to share with everyone! 

Thank you all for your support