Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Favorite Fashion Era

As much as I love all things vintage, I definitely have my favorite era.  I love the fashion and freedom of the 1970’s!  Women were so carefree and strong in the 70’s.  I love how women finally started breaking away from what society said they should wear and start wearing what showed off their personalities.  
Some of my favorite staples from the 1970’s are the bell bottom trouser, maxi skirts, ethnic print, and platform shoes!  I am a huge sucker for anything with a bell bottom.  I think it is a great way for women with a little hip to really show off their curves!  Whether it is polyester, denim, or dress pant I am in love!  The maxi skirt would be my next favorite pick from the 70’s!  I don’t know what I would do without my maxi dresses and skirts.  Maxi dresses are a must have for every woman; with their feminine bottom, and curve friendly silhouettes!  I love that they look great with flats or an awesome wedge, the possibilities are endless!  Another favorite from the 1970’s is the design of ethnic prints.  I love how designers started bringing in influences from all over the world and incorporating it into fashion.  From tribal print, to Macramé bags and bikinis from the Greek Isles and crochet waistcoats and shawls from Spain were all high fashion. My final pick from the 1970’s would be the shoes.  I love platform shoes, and for me the higher the better! 
These are just a few staples from the 70’s that I love, there are of course many more as the 70’s were huge for women’s fashion!  You will see quite a few pieces from 1970 in our store PipLey Vintage as this is my favorite era. Here are a few options from our store:
                                                      Our vintage 1970 long maxi skirt

                                              Our Vintage Inspired Bohemian Love Maxi Dress

                                       Our vintage 1970 pleated skirt

Let me know what your favorite era is and why!!

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