Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fashion off the field

Carole just posted about the beginning of football season, so let me tell you what I'm learning about football in the South! I'm an Indiana girl born and raised, so with out saying I'm a huge Colts fan. I love the atmosphere created by the entire city of Indianapolis as we cheer on our boys in blue and how schools will raise money by having "Blue Spirit Days" during the NFL season. I know, love and respect the NFL. So when my husband took a job in Alabama I had no idea my world of "football" was about to get rocked

In Alabama there is no professional football team or any professional sports team for that matter. So when my husband and I moved here a month ago we were instantly greeted with "Welcome to Alabama, so what's your team: Alabama or Auburn?" This is not an exaggeration or joke, they are serious. And it's not just a simple "I guess I like..." or "I think I'll cheer for.." They aren't asking that for small chat they seriously want to know what team you will pledge your allegiance too. Down here's it's not a football game it's a life style. 

When you select your team or are raised to love one team (and the thought of cheering on the other may just get you kicked out of the family). You not only learn the players and watch the game on Saturday, you make it your life. The boutiques down here are adorable as they are well stocked with the trendiest styles (I will start working on encouraging them to carry more vintage inspired pieces or just refer them to PipLey Vintage), they too are divided. They have two distinct sections the Alabama side and Auburn side. 

The Alabama side is adorned with Crimson and Houndstooth. The clothing is not just t shirts and jerseys but dresses that are very fashionable and trendy that are worn to viewing parties and even tailgating. You see "Roll Tide" printed on scarves, shiny elephant necklaces and no Alabama fan leaves home with out their Houndstooth fedora. 

The Auburn side is packed with orange and navy blue. Though the mascot is a Tiger the beer koozies and t shirts all say "War Eagle". The dresses are have both colors so others know it's not a random navy blue dress you pulled out of closet but a dress that says to the world "I'm an Auburn fan" without any doubt in your mind. 

So easy to say my sports world has been rocked, as no one in my new little town knows anything about the Colts. They don't get why I like my bright blue and white, love number 18 (miss you Peyton Manning) and why I rush home to watch football on a Sunday afternoon. So while I continue to educate myself on football in the south, I will sit back and enjoy the divided boutiques with a strong but adorable fashion sense. I have not decided whether I will yell "Roll Tide" or "War Eagle" while I carefully steer clear of letting my fashion decide my allegiance. For the time being I will just say "GO COLTS"!

Are sports big in your house hold? Were you raised a die hard fan? Do you pick your favorite team based on mascots and team colors? Or are sports just a way for you to get a little time to yourself while the hubby is watching his team play?

Proof that woman in the South take both their football and their fashion very serious!
 Picture from GiGi's Boutique in Trussville, Alabama


  1. Cars wear the colors, pooches do too, even well-dressed babies fly the colors! Talking football in the South can get you into trouble faster than politics- and the trouble will dog you for the rest of your miserable little life, not just to the next election!!
    Saturday, the religion is football- Sunday belongs to God!!!

  2. I am from the midwest (Indiana) and first thing Sunday morning we go to church and celebrate all that God has blessed us with!! Since we can't stay at church all day, we head home and watch football!! Go Colts!!!

  3. Kristen, you are spot on with your summary of Southern football!!!Even the one weekend I was in Trussville, I could not wrap my head around the team allegiance! It puts 'fanatic' in the word fan. And it was blasphemy when I suggested wearing one team color one weekend and another team's color the next weekend! It was like I was suggesting that you choose between your children!! It is mad crazy football spirit. That lady in the boutique had to keep her head from spinning around when that came out of my mouth! Well, I worked at the Colts game and watched that 3 pointer win the game---meaning, I carried my little squirt bottle and table-cleaning rags into the game. While I did cheer when they won, it wasn't enough to make me love football. In the South? Oh MY! You are going to have to make a decision: that Auburn or Alabama team May the force be with you...oh, and watch your back!! :)