Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's Not All Glamour!!

So as you know I have two crazy little girls that run my life for me and I just pretty much sit back and have a say every once in a while!  What you don't know is that I keep a journal for both of my girls, and reading back on some of the entries I noticed just how many times my kids have completley embarassed me!!  So I thought I would share these humilating stories every Friday just so you all can see that my life is not as glamorous and fashionable as my pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter make it seem!

Most of my stories are about my oldest daughter Finley and that is mainly becuase Pippa just does and says whatever the ring leader  Finley does!!

My first and most horrific stories are when I take the girls into a public bathroom!!  You never really think about the mind of a 3-4 year old until you are in this situation!  My girls (especially Finley) are very much like their mother in that they have no filter when it comes to saying what they want or think!  With that said you can imagine where this is I have so many bathroom stories this one I will keep to when your child has to go #2!!

First of all I don't understand why public bathrooms have to echo!!!  I mean with a high pitched voice like my kid has...she can be heard for miles!  So when she has to poop while we are out I start sweating.  I always try and tell her that what we do in the bathroom is just for us to know and not everyone wants to know what is going on in the stall next to them, but it goes in one ear and out the other.  She imediatley announces that she has to poop and that "this might take a while" that is said as loud as she can muster!!  As I calmly tell her not so loud she starts grunting......yep....welcome to my life!  If that is not horrible enough she will give you a play by play of what is about to happen.  DISCLAIMER: If you have no sense of humor or kid friendly I would stop reading now!!!!!  So as we have been in there sometime I calmly ask her if she is finished.  As I was hoping for a simple yes or no what I got left me wanting to run and never return to this restaurant!!  She proceeds to tell me how it takes a while because she got the mommy out, but it takes a while to get the daddy one out.  As I start laughing (because lets face it, what else are you going to do) she tells me that she doesn't understand why the daddy never wants to come out easily and that she needs to push just a little bit harder!  I am completley humiliated but am comforted to know the lady in the stall next to us is having a really fun time listening to my little girl!

After about 20 minutes (but seemed like an hour) she finally announces that she is done.  As we are washing our hands and leaving the bathroom she calmly looks at me (with many others in the bathroom) and says "whew, that was a rough one mommy!!!"

I love being a mom, and these stories I will cherish forever!  I can't wait till she is older and I can tell these stories at her wedding and return the humiliation!!

Let me know some of your horror stories so that I know I am not the only mom out there that deals with this!!  Next Friday I will be discussing some more horror stories as there are many each day of my life!!

God Bless,
showing off some sass!

she is my whole world

Tru Diva!!  Phone, purse, glasses

wearing one of my vintage scarves!

reading while going!!!

so much sass in one little body

loves those boots

she decided to do her own makeup

Acting crazy

working it in mommies shoes

crazy girls


she has her own fashion sense

Love ,

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