Monday, August 12, 2013

Changes Changes.....

What an exciting and nerve racking week we had last week for PipLey!!  We have decided to drop our vintage line (as it was not selling well) and revamp the store with new styles and still keep the vintage feel! Vintage clothing will always be a huge part of my life and I did not want to lose that with the store.  As a store owner I realize how difficult it is to buy vintage online because the sizing was so different back then. With that said, you can still always ask me or send pictures of vintage pieces and I will always help you style them!!

Love hearing what our PipLey Ladies have to say!!

my little school girl!!

As we give our store an online face lift and embark with a new name I do not want to lose what the store stands for and who we are!  We are still PipLey only now we will be called PipLey's Boutique.  Same store owner (me) and same little girls (Fin and Pippa)!  It is always so scary when re-branding as I am so afraid we will lose some of our amazing followers!  We will still be bringing you adorable and affordable fashion that you can wear and feel good in!  I will be introducing some new lines to you all that I happened to run across at the latest fashion mart I attended!  I am so excited to show you these lines as they start shipping in October!
New Arrivals coming in October!!
New Fall Maxi dresses coming soon!!!
Shop this look now!!

I hope you all have a great week and be looking for more exciting things to come with our store!!



  1. The new things coming look amazing!!

  2. Thanks ladies!! Your support means the world to me!!