Monday, August 5, 2013

New Chapter.....

Hey Everyone,

As much as I love running this store, being a mom comes first!  I have been pretty busy the last week doing just that!  My little Finley had a major milestone this week and with that comes a new chapter in my life as a mom.  As excited as I am about new chapters it is still bitter sweet to leave the old ones.  I am a firm believer in that our life is built of so many chapters and I feel like the older I get the faster these things pass by!!

What a big girl!!

My baby started school on Friday and boy was this momma a mix of emotions!  Gone are the days of snuggling in bed in the morning with both girls and not caring when we get out of bed.  Gone are the days of our lazy morning breakfasts and cartoon watching.  Gone are the mid-week trips to the zoo because there is hardly anyone there.....I could go on and on.

With that said though, here comes the days of her being so excited because she made a new friend, and blushing when I ask her if there were any cute boys in her class!!  I welcome the times she is so excited to see me come into her class so she can show her little friends who her mommy is and see such pride in showing me off!  I am so excited about her coming home and teaching her little sister things she learned that day at school, and watching her help her kids in the class that are special needs.  I am so excited to see her grow into the amazing little lady I know she will become!

As I said...I hate seeing old chapters leave, but I am so excited about this new chapter in Finley's life and mine as well!!