Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Arrivals to the store!!

Hey everyone,

I am so excited to say that PipLey is growing steadily every day and with the growth we get to add new arrivals more often!!  This week alone we have gotten 2 new Curvy Plus dresses, and  5 new dresses for the not so curvy line!

I am really trying to listen to everyone who comments on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages as they tell me what they would like to see!  This Fall you will see a huge surge in black and white print pieces, and also more tribal print items!  I am so excited about these trends because they are flattering and easy to wear.  Also hot this Fall will be the military trend and stripes!  I am loving the military jackets and military details to a lot of everyday pieces.  For all you stripe lovers this Fall will be so fun for you!  I am already seeing a lot of striped dresses and jackets coming out for us boutiques to be buying!!  All in all it should be a really fun Fall line coming and I will report more to you as I get the information!

For all of you shoe lovers out there make sure you start looking at the zipper trend!!  You will see a lot more shoes with zipper details on the toes, heels, and pretty much all over!  VERY COOL!!

The girls and I having fun posing for daddy before church!

Click on the links to see the items in our store and I would also love if you all would head over to our Social Media sites and follow us as well!!


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