Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Love Hate Relationship...

Hello short work week!!!!

Some pics from older July 4th!!!

So as many moms can probably relate with me, I have this love/hate relationship with the 4th of July!!  I am completely in love with the holiday and all that it stands for as many of my family members and friends serve in our Armed Forces!!  However, as a mom it is the longest night of my life.....

We usually always have a cookout or fun pool party to go to and all day we are trying to get the girls super pumped about the fireworks for the evening.  Finley (my oldest) is always very excited about fireworks and can't wait to see them.....and Pippa loves anything her sister loves!  So what is the problem you ask?????


Everything is fun and games until the first boom hits, then it is all down hill from there!!  Pippa starts screaming because her sister is, and Finley is usually uncontrollable!!  We are one of "those" parents with the screaming kids at the firework shows!  The good news is it doesn't stop there.  Oh no, what kind of July 4th would it be if people in your neighborhood didn't let off fireworks until 2 in the morning???  So we are all 4 piled in our queen size bed for a whole night of fun!!

I keep thinking every year will be better and eventually Finley will realize the noise can't hurt her and to just enjoy the show, but every year I am proven wrong.  So my fingers are crossed for this year to be a good one and we will all enjoy the beautiful firework display and get a good nights sleep!

Hope you all have a fun Holiday weekend and be safe!!


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