Monday, July 15, 2013

Goes so fast....

Why must the weekends go so fast??  I get so excited about the weekends and then it seems like I blink and they are gone!  The only good thing about the weekend ending is the Jersey Housewives are on Sunday evenings!!  I am seriously in love with those crazy ladies!!  I was dying over Melissa's fringe boots she was wearing to the "stress therapy" castle!!!
Me and my crazy little Pippa

me and my sweet Finley

 Anywho.....We had such a fun weekend.  The perks of knowing someone who owns a boutique is that you can do personal shopping!  I took a bunch of items over to my sisters farm and had a little shopping party while the boys and kids played on 4 wheelers and pony rides!  I love my sister so much, but when it comes to style we are completley opposite!  She is a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, and though I love my jeans, I also LOVE dressing up!  It was like pulling teeth trying to get her to realize how HOT she is in a dress!!  All in all I think her husband appreciated the dress we picked for her and she was SMOKING!!  BTW...she picked the Maude Pearl Lace Dress and the Black Ivy Dress.
Finley and Pippa loved the pony

Greg and the girls riding

I also got to hang out with my new favorite little great nephew Samuel!  I know I am probably biased but I really think he is the cutest freaking baby boy ever!!  He is so sweet and has that newborn smell to him (which in all honesty is like crack to me) I could seriously sniff him all day!  My great niece Kaci was there as well and that little girl has got to be the funniest stinker in the world!!  Love them both so much!

Little Samuel giving me some smiles!

My sweet little Great Niece Kaci

We have some new arrivals in the store and also some more maxi dresses coming this week!  I can't seem to keep maxi dresses on the shelves these days!  I love that they are so popular right now, because I have always been a huge fan of them!  So comfy and easy to wear.

New arrivals coming this week

Here is what I wore on Sunday to church!  I love our Elisabet cropped skinny pants! They are so comfortable and pair with everything.  So easy to dress up or wear casual and seriously who can go wrong with white pants??

Make sure you check out our store!!


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