Friday, March 21, 2014

How Unique Vintage Dresses are Changing the Clothing Trends of Today

People really have a soft spot for the vintage. Whether it is to feel nostalgic or to simply try something different, a number of people would go for a classic design of bags, shoes, cars and, most popularly, clothing.

Vintage fashion has turned into a keen interest for most, as it allows people to express their personal style and penchant for chic trends. Ironic as it sounds, new styles have only evolved from past designs, as we see in vintage clothing revived in the present.

Ieishah Clelland of wrote about individuals who patronize this fashion trend. In the article, she categorizes the people who buy vintage inspired dresses and clothing into groups. These include:

"The Eco-Savvy Fashionista
The Bargain Hunter
The Old Soul
The Bohemian Chic Devotee
The Sometime Vintage Shopper
The Die Hard Fashionista"

Each of these personas are characterized by key attributes such as affordability, versatility, and proclivity for fashion. Hollywood style icons like Stella McCartney, Dita Von Teese, Nicole Ritchie, Rachel Zoe, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen typify some of these personas. This only goes to show that vintage isn't only for people who have a taste for the past trends, but also for those who are looking to be more practical and stylish in their clothing choices.

How Unique Vintage Dresses are changing the clothing trends of today

The article further elaborates on reasons why people buy old-styled clothing. One of these being, the reasonable price of unique vintage dresses. According to Clelland, vintage clothing can be cheaper since the item has already been worn. Though this is not usually the case for online stores like PipLey Boutique, some brand new vintage dresses are actually more affordable than contemporary and mass produced designs. It also proves as a better option because buyers are sure that the quality hasn't been compromised. Add to that the joy that comes with owning something new for yourself.

Clelland also explains on how the trend brings nostalgia to its wearers. Good old days are re-lived by merely wearing a simple article of clothing. To some however, the fashion trends of the past will always be better than the today's, and will continue to exist as people continue to wear them.

The concept of vintage-inspired dresses is to make use of past designs and put them in the modern perspective. The idea of vintage is very broad that its target market can range from fashion trendsetters to simple people looking for new, stylish, and unique pieces. Shoppers have different reasons for wearing vintage clothes and the choices are endless, offering everyone a diverse set of styles to suit their personal taste.

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