Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mixing the Old with the New

Anyone who knows me knows that I love mixing vintage pieces with newer pieces!  I love the idea of mixing my generation with my grandmothers.  I feel like women back in the 1920’s-1950 knew how to put an outfit together.  I have so many pictures of my grandmother from back then, and she looks stunning even when she is just around the house!  I would find dresses and think they were for an evening out, and she would say that was just her house dress…seriously grandma??  I love how clothes were made to last, I feel so sad for my daughters because I feel like the clothes I wear from my generation will not hold up for them when they are older and into vintage fashion. 


For me I always mix the old with the new in two different ways.  My favorite is mixing a newer dress with a vintage sweater, cardigan or shawl.  Nothing pulls an outfit together better than a great vintage cardigan!  I have been doing this a lot lately with the weather getting cooler.  It is a great way to make your dresses last a little longer, and still keep warm and cute!  My second favorite way to mix the old with the new would be to mix in vintage jewelry!  I am a huge collector of vintage jewelry, and am so blessed to have a grandmother who was an artist and painted a lot of her jewelry!  If I wear an outfit that is all modern day, I will always throw on some vintage jewelry to show it off!  Vintage jewelry is so easy to layer and collaborate with other pieces.   I really don’t think I go a day without something vintage…ha ha.
Love, PipLey
The pictures are of my beautiful Grandma Helen, who is still alive today at the ripe young age of 92!! 

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that it's OK to bring two era's together in the fashion world. I know sometimes I get caught up in wanting to be modern and trendy leaving my desire for vintage behind, now I'm gonna make an effort to blend them all together! Also, loved the pictures of Grandma Helen!!