Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What a great couple weeks...

Hello everyone,

I am so sorry I have been absent for a couple weeks, but I have been so busy enjoying my family, holidays, and snow!!  I love how busy and exciting the end of the year can be, and I had no idea how fast it could really go!  I remember as a kid how long it took for Christmas to get here, and now it seems like it all happens so quick that if you don't take a ton of pictures you would not even believe it happened!

My sweet little girls ready for Santa!

We enjoyed such a wonderful Christmas with family, and the girls got what they wanted from Santa!!  There is nothing more exciting as a mother to see the joy and excitement on your babies faces while they open gifts!!  My husband did really good this year and got me a new ring that is from the 1920's with old mine cut diamonds from 1890!!  He hid it in a large jewelry box so when I was looking through it I found it!!  I know...he is pretty amazing.  I started Greg's Christmas off with a clue and sent him on a scavenger hunt all the way to my moms and through out the day...he ended up finding his gift under my moms tree which was IU basketball tickets.

My beautiful vintage ring

The day after Christmas we had a huge snow storm and ended up getting about 8 inches of snow and the kids were so excited!!  Finley had been so excited to have a snowball fight and could barely wait it get out in it.
Finley getting ready to get daddy

The most important women in my life

Last week my grandmother who will be 93 in 15 days, fell and broke her hip.  We have been through a major roller coaster the last few days, but I have learned just how amazing and strong she is.  I am so proud to be her granddaughter and am so blessed to have her in my life.  I pray that I will be half the woman she was and still tries to be today.  She is recovering from surgery in a rehab facility and we pray that she will get a little stronger with each day!!

Whew...that was the last couple weeks in a nut shell, and I will try not to get that far behind again!!
We also got some adorable new pieces in the store, so make sure you check those out!!

a little late 1920 look for Christmas

Me and my mini me



    That would be my favorite era!! (:

    1. Thanks hun!! Me too...I am obsessed with the 20's and 30's...then the 70's

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    1. Thank you hun, I just visited your blog and followed! Seems you have a very exciting life!! I would love for you to check out my store as well!! PipLey Vintage!!