Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

Hey everyone,

This is a special weekend for me and many other women out there!!  We finally get to be celebrated for all the things we do for our families!!  Seriously why is there not a Mother's Day once a month??  So my husband asked me what I wanted  for Mother's day this year and was surprised when I explained a whole day with no kids!!  He couldn't understand how I wanted a whole day away from the kids....lets see honey, do you have them 24-7...nope, do you get to listen to them scream all day long...nope, do you work in a nice quiet office where everyone listens to you...yep, well then that explains it!!!

I love my kids to death, but sometimes a woman needs some time ALONE, and not JUDGED for it!! I know all of you feel me on this one!!

Me and my Girls!!

I have been really busy working on getting the store growing and I am so happy to say that it really seems to be taking off lately!  It is such a struggle being a stay at home mom and run an online business as well!  I only have time to work when the girls are sleeping and that is not very long!  I love what I do and I really appreciate you all supporting me and my boutique!  THANK YOU!!

Here are some of our newest arrivals!
Love these!!!

Have a great weekend ladies and celebrate the women in your life!!



  1. in love with this super sweet post :)
    really liked, i stay here <3


  2. Happy mother's day =D You definitely deserve the rest and relaxation! I'm also loving those new dresses, especially the mint one! TOO cute!

    PS. I'm hosting an amazing giveaway on my blog right now! You could win a piece of jewelry of your choice from Brighthouse Baubles! I'd love it if you entered =)

  3. Such cute pictures! Hope you had a wonderful mother's day weekend! :)

    xo, Yi-chia

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  5. hope you had a lovely mothers day! so lovely pics :)