Monday, April 29, 2013

Styling PipLey!!

Hey Lovelies!!

So I saw this on Facebook the other day and really thought it summed up my part of the country pretty well!!


Not sure about where you all are at, but I am so over this weather and teasing me with 80 degree days and then spitting snow 24 hours later!!!  It is so hard to wear adorable outfits when the weather is bi-polar!!

With that said on the days we had that were beautiful I finally got some pictures taken of me wearing our newer items, and paired them with other items in the store so you can build a whole look!!  I seriously love my job and playing dress up in my own store!

Here is one of my favorite looks for a lunch date or church.... I am wearing our Southern Belle Ombre skirt paired with our Whisper Softly Collar Top

The next look is great for a day on the town shopping, or hanging out with friends at a cookout!!  Pretty much an everyday look!  I am wearing in this photo our Fruit Strip maxi skirt, paired with our Simplicity Jersey top in mint and a vintage jean shirt!

Next is just a bundle of looks from our store!  I try and pair all our items and show you what they look like on!  Just follow our Facebook page or our Twitter to see many looks!!

I really hope you all have a great week, and enjoy some nice weather!!


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