Friday, February 21, 2014

Sporting Vintage Inspired Dresses: Create Your Own Sense of Style

If there’s one thing why women can’t get enough of sporting vintage inspired dresses, it is that they’ve got that touch of elegance suggestive of red carpet perfection. Indeed, vintage clothing has made itself popular once again, packing women’s wardrobe with its old-classic style

An excerpt from a article explains how one of the most sought-after stars donned a vintage-inspired outfit for ELLE Style Awards 2014:

"[…] Katy Perry debuted a brand new ‘do as she rocked a floral Vivienne Westwood frock that put her curves on full display. The silk ensemble featured an ivory rose print and was from the designer’s Gold Label capsule collection. Her shorter hair kept the focus on the gorgeous silhouette of the dress, (and her ample cleavage!). The dress was sexy and also had a vintage vibe that was so in tune with Katy’s personal sense of style […]"

Start with the basics
If you’re a newbie and you want to try clothing that’s vintage-inspired, remember that with vintage dresses, experts suggest that you start with something basic and classic, like a 1950s beaded cardigan or a 1960s little black dress. You can find such pieces in thrift stores, but if you cringe at the idea of buying secondhand garments, you can look from reputable online dress boutiques like PipLey’s Boutique.  They offer a complete line of brand new dresses with designs ranging from classic to retro.

Not much of a costume
There is a risk in shopping for vintage dresses. If you choose the wrong one, you’d look like you’re donning a costume, or worse, someone who stepped out from a time machine. Knowing the era is the key to selecting the right piece – ideally, the ones from 1960s onward. Items prior to that era may not blend well with your personal style, so better play safe.

(Source: ‘ELLE’ Style Awards Best Dressed: Katy Perry, Emma Watson & More,, February 19, 2014)