Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reputable Online Clothing Boutiques: How to Pull Off that Vintage Look

Vintage clothing has staged a comeback in recent years, and we’ve seen a lot of celebrities who continually sport this style on different occasions. Katy Perry’s taste in clothing, for instance, is described as a combination of a 1950s housewife, a 40s calendar girl, and 80s rock star – indeed, she has a way of turning heads at every event she goes to.

An excerpt from an article explains how you can successfully pull off vintage clothing:

"If you've never worn vintage clothes before, it's not advisable to start off wearing a head to toe vintage outfit. It is best to ease yourself into this new world by wearing vintage accessories like scarves, hats, jewelry, handbags, or belts. But only choose one accessory at a time, as with all things, less is more. 
Don’t dress entirely in vintage from one trend or decade. If you don’t end up looking like you’re going to a Halloween party, you will look rather dated. The point of vintage is to take the best of what each decade has to offer and make it work today. Mixing one focal vintage item with core pieces of your wardrobe like jeans, a simple blazer, or with a tee shirt will make your look modern instead of looking like you stepped out of a time machine."

Uniquely you
One good reason why you should consider buying vintage clothing from reputable women boutique online is that you can create a unique image for your look and you have little to worry about bumping into a doppelganger who wears the same outfit. Vintage clothing also comes in various flourishes, allowing you to choose pieces that speak volumes about your personality.

Valuable investment
Most people automatically think that vintage clothing is always second-hand and usually found in thrift shops. There are certain reputable online clothing boutiques like PipLey’s Boutique which offer brand new vintage-look pieces. Vintage clothing never goes out of style, so you wouldn’t have to fret about your collection looking dated.

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