Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Retro Retracing: Tips on Purchasing Stylish Vintage Inspired Dresses

The tv3.ie website has a feature on vintage shopping, and how one can buy retro clothing the right way. Certain fashion trends of the past experience a renaissance whenever the hip crowd of today stumble upon them. To stay on top of these revivals, the article suggests checking online:

"The model scours the net for the best places to unearth bargain buys before leaving the house while her filmmaker friend Liz Goldwyn is a fan of finding retro pieces online which reflect current trends for a fraction of the cost.

Asked her best tip for buying vintage clothing, Karen said: ''I would say research online. Even with the stores, read up on them, and see what other people think. You can always get that sort of information online.''"

The Internet is the perfect information resource for all things fashion, since users can easily trace the latest developments. Not only is the Web a good network for fashion research, it’s also the best place to purchase popular vintage inspired dresses. There are numerous online boutiques, such as PipLey Boutique, which stock lovely retro style clothes that all fashion fanatics should have.

To wear vintage clothing, one must stick to a particular fashion statement associated with a given time period. It can be difficult to buy certain vintage clothing, particularly when one has to scour an array of brick-and-mortar stores. Fortunately, online shops like PipLey Boutique sell very unique vintage dresses that recreate the look from various past eras, combined with a contemporary vibe. The talent and creativity behind such vintage-inspired fashion make rare vintage clothing styles more accessible to today’s retro clothing fans.

(Article Information and Image from Karen Elson: Research is key to vintage shopping, tv3.ie, January 15, 2014)

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