Saturday, December 1, 2012

Date Night!!

Hello all,

Yesterday was a rare occurrence in our household....Greg and myself went on a date!!!  As most of you know I have a 4 year old and a 17 month old, but what most of you don't know is Pippa has never spent the night away from me ( except in a connected hotel room thanks to my amazing mother-in-law) and Finley has only 3 times; so when my mom said she would take both the kids overnight I could not have been more excited!!  I was very nervous for my mother because let's face it my kids make Dennis the Menace look like an angel, and I really wanted them to behave so we could do this again!  In my mother and mother-in-laws defense, they do offer I am just a little paranoid about them being away from with the girls dropped off at my mothers house I decided to get dressed up and have Greg take me on the town.

Find this out fit at PipLey Vintage

I decided to wear an outfit from our store that is not an everyday dress.  I wanted to go back in time and pretend I was a young 22 year old with no stretch marks, loose skin and a baby mothers know what I am talking about.  I wanted to knock the socks off my man, so I opted for our Till Midnight Dress and red lipstick!! I paired it with some tights, cuz lets face the truth..I am not a young 22 year old, and some adorable heels.  I have to say I was satisfied with the outcome.  We went to a great Chinese place P.F. Changs, then headed to an Irish pub called Claddagh's to get some drinks (this momma did it up) ha ha.  We ended up getting home around midnight which I think the last time I was up that late was when the girls were sick.

Having a couple drinks

All in all it was a great night and went way to fast.  I loved getting a little break and some me time.  Thanks to my wonderful husband for making it such a special night!!


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