Monday, December 10, 2012

Love This Time Of Year!!

Hello everyone,

So sorry I haven't been on here in a while. The weeks are going by so fast and we have so many things to do until Santa arrives! I absolutely love this time of year because you get to see family that you don’t see very often!  This past weekend we headed up to my in-laws house in South Bend, Indiana. They had their big family Christmas party this past weekend, and it was a blast!  The girls love seeing all their cousins and opening gifts.  They open gifts so fast that it is a blur of wrapping paper, bows, baby dolls, Barbie dolls, and then open this…open this…I want this one open…ha ha.  I get home and start unloading everything and have no idea where some of it came from! 

I love dressing my girls up for parties! Finley always wants to dress up, but Pippa is hit or miss…so anytime I have an excuse to get them all dolled up I take it! My mother-in-law got them the cutest matching dress this year, and they rocked them! I love how they are taking after their momma and being little fashionistas!

 My Sweet Little Girls

My Sweet Little Niece Elisabet

We still have 3 more Christmas parties to go to, and I can’t wait to start picking out there little outfits (and let’s be honest…mine too) for them.  I hope everyone has a great Holiday and is enjoying their time as much as I am!!




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  1. I love how beautiful you always look and how adorable you always dress our girls. You definitely know your fashion!

    Enjoyed our Christmas party and I can't wait for the rest.