Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Favorite Moments

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying this season as much as I am!!  Some of my favorite things about the Christmas season are the traditions.  I have a few that I remember growing up, and since having children of my own have tried to create some more.  I have passed on watching Christmas Vacation every day till Christmas, and the love of wrapping gifts.  I have added baking cookies and decorating, and also building gingerbread houses.

My beautiful girls (Photo taken by Melissa Porter Photography)
Making our Gingerbread Train

She loves decorating!!
I love making things with the girls and how excited their little faces get when we do something new. Finley, my oldest, is at the age where she thinks she can do everything and doesn't need momma's help. Pippa is still at the age where momma knows everything and she enjoys sitting in my lap and helping.  I hope the girls remember doing these things with me, because I know I will never forget it!!

Fin and myself making cookies (yes she did my hair and makeup)

Pippa helping momma roll out cookies

Our final product!

I have so e fun things coming up on the blog this week!!  PipLey will be involved with a giveaway, details tomorrow and I was lucky enough to win a chance to participate in The Messy Project over at the blog Messy Dirty Hair.  So you will have to stay tuned to see what that is about!!  Trust is super fun!!


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  1. I am so glad that you are keeping up with the traditions! It is so much fun to watch you do projects and cook with Finley and Pippa.

    Thanks for the delicious cookies too!!!