Friday, February 1, 2013

25 things about me!

Hey everyone,

I thought it would be fun to start off February with a list of things about me so you all can get to know me a little better!!  If you read US Weekly then you will know where I got the idea from....anywho, it is so difficult to come up with 25 things about yourself!  I encourage all of you to try it, and I would love to hear your lists!!

1. I am 29 years old...I will be turning the big 3-0 this year in September!!!  I am fired up to have a 1930's themed party for it!  You all are invited!

2. My favorite color is green!  I have a green Ford escape, my coach bag is green, my living room is green, and half of my wardrobe is green!!

3. My favorite movie is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

4. My Yorkie Griswold is named after the movie!!

5. I have 6 tattoos!  All little and each one is significant to me!  I have a dragonfly for my first daughter, a bird for my second daughter, an infinity symbol on my ring finger for my husband, a puzzle piece tattoo for the autistic children I worked with, a note written in my grandmother's handwriting, and a symbol on my back for when I turned 18 and could get a tattoo

6. I have 2 piercings.  Ears and belly button

7. My favorite food is anything potato!!

8. I met my husband at a country bar in Indy shortly after saying I would never meet a guy in a bar!!

9. My favorite item in my closet is a beautiful purple patch skirt from 1970.

10. I really really want to live in Texas.

11. I have a B.S. in psychology

12. I worked as a Behavioral Therapist with autistic children for 5 years before I had my own kids.

13. My favorite pieces of jewelry are the ones my Grandmother painted

14. I have an obsession with candles

15. My mother is a survivor of Breast Cancer

16. My dream is to one day live in a Queen Anne Victorian home.
A home close to me that I am dying for!

17. I drink at least 2 diet Mountain Dews a day (it is my coffee...don't judge)

18. I have a very unhealthy obsession with shoes!  I literally will feel better when I buy a new pair of shoes!

19. Christmas is my favorite Holiday

20. Spring is my favorite season!  I love all the colors and warmer weather.

21. I really think I was born in the wrong era....I should have been alive in the 60's!!

22. My mother is my best girl friend!

23. I played softball (catcher) and basketball (forward) in high school

24. I am in love with reality TV!!!

25. I am madly in love with my family, but being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done!!

Now you know a little more about me!  I would love for you guys to take the challenge and come up with a list and let me know!  I love getting to know everyone!  Make sure you check back with our store often because new fun things are coming up!!



  1. Haha! I've told myself the same thing about meeting a man in a bar! I wonder though, where will life take me!

    I also love your skirt! I want to pull off a beautiful purple skirt like that!

    1. You never know!! Life has a way of throwing curve balls when we least expect it!