Saturday, February 16, 2013

All About Liverpool Jeans

Hello Lovelies,

If you follow my blog or twitter you know that I am in love with Liverpool Jeans!  I have never owned a pair of jeans (especially since becoming a mom) that fit me perfect in all the right places!  Lets be honest here and say that most jeans your booty crack hangs out, your loose muffin top from our wonderful children hang out, or you wear them for about an hour and all the sudden they are so stretched that you are constantly pulling them up!!  I know I am not the only one with these problems!  So when I went to a show in Chicago and was introduced to Liverpool Jeans I didn't have high expectations!  I went home and thought about it because I really wanted an amazing pair of jeans for my customers.  I will not buy anything for the store that I personally wouldn't wear.

So....after a lot of research and asking around I decided to give them a try and ordered them.  I can honestly say it was the best decision I have made since starting PipLey Vintage.  These jeans are seriously the most amazing, comfortable, adorable, and flattering jeans you will ever own!  They have changed my wardrobe drastically!  They fit right at your belly button, so no "over hang" or "booty crack", also they keep their fit the whole day so you are not constantly pulling your pants up!  They have a little lift in the back end for you, and also help pull in your tummy!  They were definitely made for a woman!!  Another really cool fact about them is they have bought the rights to the Beatles, so every pair has been named after a Beatles song and has their song lyrics inside the jeans!!  Very cool I must say....

So how do I wear them and what do I pair with them??  I will show you some of my favorite outfits with them, but please know there are many more!!

Our Abby Skinny Jeans in Plum with a vintage top

Abby Skinny Jeans in Yellow with a vintage top

Abby Skinny Jeans in Dark Hand Sand with a vintage top

Our Abby Skinny with our Secret Admirer top

Abby Skinny Jeans with our A Day in Paris Cardigan
My little Finley had to get in on the action!

Like what you see??  Click on the links and head on over to our store PipLey Vintage and get yourself a pair or two!!  It will be the best money you have spent!



  1. Nice jeans! Love the yellow one, esp!!!
    Do stop over my blog too dear.

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