Saturday, November 24, 2012


How many of you have traditions that you just can’t go without?  My family has one tradition that we must do every year the Friday after Thanksgiving.  My dad’s side of the family has always had Thanksgiving on Friday, so I have never done the whole black Friday shopping (not that I would want to).  So our tradition always starts with Thanksgiving lunch, then we get to come home and put up Christmas decorations and watch my favorite movie of all time…Christmas Vacation!!   We love that movie so much we named our sweet little dog after it...Griswald!!  I don’t care how many times I watch that movie; it just never gets old and less funny.  I have been watching this movie around Christmas time ever since I can remember and it is a movie I will pass on to my girls as well!  Nothing makes me happier when my 4 year old says a quote from Christmas Vacation!  I am sure I will get some flak for letting my girls’ watch this movie, but I really don’t care…it is a tradition!
Me and my girls

My little one Pippa is only 17 months old, so this was her first year at kind of getting into the decorating spirit!  She did put her ornament on the tree, and loved dancing to the Christmas music.  My 4 year old Finley on the other hand is just like her momma and loves everything Christmas!  She has been asking her daddy to put up the tree since November 1st!  She helps put all the ornaments on, hang the candy canes on the tree, and she even gets to help daddy put on the angel. 
Pippa putting on her first ornament!

Finley putting on the angel
Our sweet little Griswald! 

There is nothing sweeter than passing on family traditions to your little ones, and watching them have just as much fun as you did when you were younger!  I will always love this season more than anything, and I think I am well on my way to rubbing off on Finley!!
Love my Finley so much!!

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