Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What a great way to say Goodbye to October

As many people I have always loved Halloween, but for some reason it is so much more fun with my kids than it ever was when I was a kid!  The excitement on their faces and the fact that ringing a doorbell can be so cool is so much fun!!  I love dressing them up and acting like someone totally different for the entire day!  My girls and I wake up and get dressed first thing in the morning....what can I say I have passed on my love of Halloween on to them! 

A family shot before we left!

Another thing I love is making it a family affair.  Usually we get to go trick-or-treating with cousins and my mother!  We live in Indiana so it is usually pretty cold come October 31st, so my mom makes cookies and hot chocolate for after so we can go through our goodies and warm up!

My youngest daughter Pippa is only 1, so this was her first big introduction to how fun it can be to look adorable and get candy for it!  She was my little flower, and she wore it well.  By far the cutest little flower I have ever seen.  She was a little nervous at first and didn't like the fact that strangers were opening the door and talking to her...but she got used to it towards the end! 

Cutest little Flower

My oldest daughter Finley is 4, and she is a pro at ringing the doorbell and saying "trick-or-treat", she is a little ham, so she loved all the attention!  It is so hard to keep up with a little 4 year old running from house to house and trying to capture it all on camera...don't they understand the importance of a picture???? LOL.  Her bucket was so full by the end of the night that she refused to carry it!  I am pretty sure my husband was not complaining about that one! 

My little witch and flower!

I hope everyone had an awesome time with their families and I am so excited about the upcoming Holidays!!

Me and my girls


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